How often would you suggest to wear the Backalast?

Every PBT class and every ballet barre as well as warm up time in any class.

What does the Backalast actually do?

It sets the total body proprioception for the students posture by training the correct muscles.

When I take the Backalast off, my arms feel very light - why?

Your back has been activated which releases more freedom for all port de bras.

How should I wash the jacket?

Connect the Velcro straps and run a light machine wash. Hang on a coat hanger to dry.

I feel when I wear the Backalast, I turn much better in my pirouettes - why?

The activation of the back muscles assists to centre the weight-placement in all turns.

Why can't train all of my classes in the Backalast?

You can but it is not recommended as you will become dependent on the jacket for your posture. You should set the feeling of the activation and remove the jacket to keep the same sensory feelings.

What does the elastic underneath the arms do?

This triggers the sensory action by supporting the arms when you dance giving the body more freedom in port de bras.

Can the Backalast be worn for gymnastic classes or cross-training?


If my measurements are on the end of the scale, would you order the smaller or larger size?

Go for the smaller size so it is slick on the body.

Will I have to pay any Duty or Tax when the product arrives?

No we send with all Duty and Tax pre-paid by us so you don't have to worry.

How long will it take for my Backalast to arrive?

We use Express for all orders who will be able to deliver worldwide to your door within 2-5 days. 

How will I know when my Backalast will arrive?

You will get a tracking number by email when you confirm your order and updates each step of the way as the package is on it's way to you. You check at anytime by going to our tracking page in the menu of this website or by going to www.dhl.com (using the same tracking number). At dhl.com you also have options to change the arrival date, to pre-sign for the package etc.

How do I return/exchange my Backalast?

We offer return and exchanges for an alternate size within 30 days of purchase. Please send an email to laurie@pbt.dance with your request and our team will help with the process.


How to put the backalast on: